Helpful Resources

Downloadable Documents for You

We understand the process of requesting a religious exemption can be emotional, or just different enough that you don’t know where to start. As a thank you for attending our workshop, we have compiled some resources for you to help you craft your own letter and potential interview.

Scriptures and Prayerfor Strength

These are a collection of scriptures for strength through this process. Print these and place them where you can return to them when you need that extra encouragement

Constitution, Laws & Proclamation

Read the relevant Constitutional and State laws that protect your rights as a citizen of the United States.

Requesting Exemption/Interview

Sometimes you may not know what to write or say when requesting your religious exemption. Here are some things to consider and helpful hints to guide you along.

Simple Request Sample

If your response is limited in words this is a simple sample exemption request for religious confirmation.

Vaccine Mandate FAQ

Sometimes news headlines do not give you the complete information. Here is an FAQ from a local law firm that breaks down the details of Governor Inslee’s mandate.

Liberty Counsel Sample Request

This sample exemption request was provided by the Liberty Counsel. Find out more about Liberty Counsel and other legal defense firms.