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The Olympic Conference – Confirmation

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Co-sponsored by One Washington and the Pierce County Republican Party

We welcome Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA and talk radio host Todd Herman as keynote speakers at this year’s Olympic Conference with the theme, “What Are the Stakes?”

For nearly 2 years the governor has used the pandemic as a pretext to keep conservatives from meeting together while he continues to make mandates at will. No more!

It is time to see that we are not alone…it is time for concerned citizens to gather, unite and strengthen each other, and to make our collective voices heard… Especially to the leaders of this State. The venue, leaders, and speakers have been secured and all necessary steps have been taken to guarantee this event will not be shut down.

Now all we need is you!

The Olympic Conference is the place to pull together – and the time is now. With professionalism and a unifying voice it’s time to push forward and get our State back on the right track for the benefit of us all… and most especially for our children.

Event Schedule:

  • Oct 22 6pm-9:30pm
  • Oct 23 8am-9am VIP Breakfast w/Charlie Kirk
  • Oct 23 9am-9:30pm (12:15pm Catered Lunch)
  • Oct 24 8am-9am VIP Breakfast w/Todd Herman