Public Comment on FDA Approval of COVID-19 Vaccines for Children 5-11 Years Old

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The FDA is in the process of determining approval for COVID-19 vaccines to be administered to children 5-11 years old. has a form for public comment. Use the form linked from the button below. Provide genuine concerns or stories of those you know personally without providing names about why the FDA should not approve or encourage vaccines for children in this country.

Lawsuit filed against the mandate

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An organization that represents state employees is among the first to file a lawsuit against the Washington State Governor in Walla Walla court.

Todd Herman Interviews One Washington

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Rep. Jesse Young joined by Tom Jonez of One Washington to discuss their efforts to help church congregations come together to fight for religious exemptions against the vaccine mandate.

Liberty Counsel Sends Letter to Governor Inslee

Liberty Counsel sent a letter to Governor Inslee and State Attorney General Bob Ferguson regarding recent mandates affecting state employees and health care workers. The letter exposes the Governor’s office’s attempt to limit acceptable religious exemptions.

State Rep Jesse Young Radio Interview

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Todd Herman Interviews State Rep. Jesse Young who shares insights from his Religious Exemption Workshops being offered to churches across the state for those seeking an exemption to Jay Inslee’s Vaccine mandate based on their sincerely held religious beliefs or practices.

Washington’s Vaccine Mandate FAQ

The following was published by the law firm of Ellis, Li and McKinstry on August 13th – check back for updates periodically as these matters seem to change frequently and without notice